DFÜ-Tools [1-2]

aniaz POPUP; Download. Entnommen bei Zip.to/Freeware.  

aniazPOPUP expands the concept of Windows messaging from the droplet created by winpopup to an ocean of innovative features.

ARTS Duplex 2.0; Download. Entnommen bei Zip.to/Freeware.  

ARTS Duplex is aimed at those who must print out PDFs as a permanent reference but wish to save paper.

BC Wipe 2.27; 557 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

BCWipe is a powerful file-removal utility for those concerned that their drives may be checked. BCWipe has varying levels of wiping, up to and including United States government standards. BCWipe can also wipe the free space on your hard drive clean. It is a valuable tool for those who feel privacy is a must.

Cyber Kit 2.4b; 945 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

With a true Windows 95 find-files look, CyberKit offers the following functions: Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Name Server LookUp and Quote Of The Day.This release uses WinSock 2.

Cyber Kit 2.4b; 945 KB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

Dunce (Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement) 2.52; 216 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

Allows you to connect to a Dial-Up Network with much greater ease. It will automatically press connect for you on the Connect To dialog box.

ICQ 99a beta (Build 1547); Download

Neueste Version des ICQ Prg. Mit W95 Probleme, dann bisherige Version verwenden.

Identd Ident Daemon 1.5; 178 KB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

An identd server to use with mIRC, Eggdrop, Telnet clients, and other programs which may connect to servers making ident requests. Also can be used for administration purposes where a firewall, proxy, or web server logs user information based on ident requests.

Intelli Dial-Up 2.51; 1,8 MB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen.

A dial-up program that utilizes your connectivity by boosting your modem or LAN connection. This makes your Internet access up to five times faster.

Kee Boo; Download

Per Drag-and-Drop gelangen Texte, Bilder, Videos und Musik im Handumdrehen in das virtuelle Album. Übersichtliche Datenweitergabe. Voraussetzung: Der Empfänger hat KeeBoo installiert.

Kiwi's Syslog Daemon 6.0.9; Download. Entnommen bei Zip.to/Freeware.  

Kiwi's Syslog Daemon receives, logs, displays and forwards Unix type Syslog messages from hosts such as Routers, Switches, Unix hosts and PC's.

logout.exe 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei Zip.to/Freeware.  

A small utility to put on your desktop to log you off your computer at the press of an Icon.

mIRC IRC-Client 4.1; Download

Beliebtes IRC- Programm in 16- und 32- Bit- Version.

Net Accelerator 2.0; 3,4 MB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen.

Browse faster on the Internet with this program. Whenever you pause to view a site, NetAccelerator stays busy behind the scenes seeking out available links and downloading the related text and graphics. By maximizing the efficiency of your modem, NetAccelerator makes it easy to get most from your time online

Net M@nager 1.2; 3,9 MB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universität Erlangen

Accelerates your internet browsing experience by offering multi-page web browsing, active document support, personal details feature, system tray support, and a built-in directory of over 150 internet sites.