Socket Test Bench 1.2; Download. Entnommen bei  

Socket Test Bench is a utility to test winsock-based communications.

Sock Test 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

SockTest allows for simple testing of socket based IP communications using a specific port number.

Sock Ver 1.1; 116 KB; Download. Entnommen bei  

SockVer sagt Ihnen ganz trocken welche Version von WinSock Sie benutzen. Das ist alles.
Winsock 2  2.2; 963 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universitšt Erlangen.

This download is not intended for use on PCs running Windows98. Microsoft's upgrade to the original Winsock in their operating system. Includes better support for DUN and Internet Explorer 4.0. This is a must have for Windows95 modem users.

Win Sock Application Launcher 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

Winsock application that can act as a client or server application, using TCP or UDP, in blocking, nonblocking or asynchronous operation mode, sending or receiving or both.