Cyber Kit 2.4a; Download. Entnommen bei  

CyberKit is a 32 bit application that combines Ping, TraceRoute, WhoIs, Finger, Quote of the Day, Name Server LookUp, Time Synchronizer, DBScanner, Check for New Mail and Keep Alive in one easy to use utility.

Cyber Kit 2.4b; 945 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universitšt Erlangen

With a true Windows 95 find-files look, CyberKit offers the following functions: Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Name Server LookUp and Quote Of The Day.This release uses WinSock 2.

Cyber Kit 2.4b; 945 KB; WIN NT; Download. Entnommen bei Universitšt Erlangen

Finger D 1.3; Download. Entnommen bei  

This is a small Finger-Daemon which runs as a tray icon and willcreate a logfile in the current working directory.

Ink Finger 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

InkFinger is a freeware finger.

Obese Finger; 924 KB; Download. Entnommen bei  

Obese Finger is a Full Featured Internet Finger Client that lets you gather information on a single user or all users on a machine.

Sam Spade 1.10; 925 KB; Download. Entnommen bei Universitšt Erlangen 

Sam Spade is an integrated network query tool, including ping ns lookup, whois, ip block whois, dig, traceroute,finger, SMTP VRFY, and much more.

Whois, Finger, and Host Utilities 1.03; Download. Entnommen bei

These are three simple console Winsock 32-based Internet utilities written for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Ws Finger 1.84; Download. Entnommen bei

Use WsFinger to see if someone is currently logged on, or to figure out someone's login name, to send them mail perhaps.