Fictional Telnet Daemon 3.1; Download. Entnommen bei  

Fictional Daemon is a Telnet Daemon that lets you remotely control and administer your machine. 

MI/X 19 Mar 1997; Download. Entnommen bei  

The X Window System is an international specification for application development that supports standardized graphical interface design and network processing.

ND Telnet Server 1.3; Download. Entnommen bei  

ND telnet server is a simple and small tenet server that runs as a service on Windows NT machine.

NT Last 1.5; Download. Entnommen bei  

NTLast is a security audit tool for Windows NT.

V Trex Telnet 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

A fully functional telnet daemon for WindowsNT that includes all source code is included.