Visual Basic Runtime / VB [1-2]

Color Power 1.2; Download. Entnommen bei

ColorPower is a Visual Basic Module for versions 5 and up, containing ten useful and powerful functions/procedures for manipulating colors, including retrieving RGB values of system colors, gradients, color mixing, hue/sat/lum and more.

Free Capture 1.00.44; Download. Entnommen bei  

FreeCapture adds screen capturing to your own Programs f or free with just one line of code.

Mail Lite 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei

Freeware simple SMTP and POP3 client ActiveX component. You can use it to send and receive e-mail from your application or your web page.

Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition 5.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

VBScript is a high-performance scripting language designed to create active online content on the World Wide Web.

Outlook Alikes 1.1.8; Download. Entnommen bei  

OutlookAlikes is an OCX toolkit that allows Visual Basic Developers to create applications that look and feel like MS Outlook, without having to drop a wad of dough.

PASSOLO Software Localizer 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei

PASSOLO does software localization without resource files or source code; simply take the EXE field or DLL for program localization.

Soysal Setup 4.2; Download. Entnommen bei

This is a script based install maker that includes a script generator wizard, and syntax highlighted script editor.

String Ops 1.0.08; Download. Entnommen bei

StringOps is a string manipulation OCX that automates various string operations for you, ranging in complexity from simple to advanced.

System Tray Icon 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

Freeware ActiveX for System Tray Icon with flash icon, sound notify and three buttons mouse compatibility.

PS95 1.2; Download. Entnommen bei  

This is a 32bit UNIX PS Front End that shows you what's really running behind the scenes of Windows 95/98.

Reg Drop 1.21; Download. Entnommen bei  

egDrop is an easy to use drag and drop utility for registering and unregistering OCX's, ActiveXs and other components.