Bobby (HTML Validator) 1.2.1; Download. Entnommen bei  

Bobby is an easy to use online tool that will study whatever web page you point it to and then make specific suggestions on how to make your web page more accessible to people with disabilities.

CSE HTML Validator Lite; 2,2 MB; Download. Entnommen bei AI Internet Solutions

What is CSE HTML Validator?

CSE HTML Validator is a fast, powerful, inexpensive, indispensable, highly user configurable, and easy to use HTML development tool that assists in the creation of syntactically correct HTML documents. Just open an HTML document with HTML Validator and tell it to do its thing! Easy to understand syntax errors, warning and other messages will appear below the source of your document. Simply click on one of these messages and you will be taken to the place in your document where the problem is. Fix the problem, check the document again (to make sure that the problem is fixed), and then save it when you're finished. If you think that you are writing clean HTML, then you'll be surprised at what CSE HTML Validator will find in your documents! CSE HTML Validator is an indispensable tool for any HTML author. An evaluation version of CSE HTML Validator Professional is available as a FREE download for you to try before you buy. CSE HTML Validator Lite, a less powerful but completely free version, is also available.

Why Would I Want to Use HTML Validator?

Using an HTML validator helps ensure that your document is free of syntax errors that can result in unexpected output when users who view your syntactically incorrect documents view them with different browsers. Testing your HTML documents on a browser does not test for HTML validity. Invalid HTML documents may be treated differently by different browsers and cause your page to look like something you never intended. Making sure that your documents are syntactically correct help make sure your documents are always viewed the way you want them to be-- and that they are written the way they should be. A valid document also looks good to someone who is looking at your document to see how well you have designed it, both aesthetically and syntactically. If you use online validation services, you should especially try HTML Validator. It is more reliable, much faster, much more user configurable, and displays easier to understand messages. It also includes tools not available with online validation services. 

CSE HTML Validator Helps You Fix Your HTML

  • Misspelled or invalid tag names, tag attributes, tag attribute values, and character entities
  • Missing and mismatched quotation marks
  • Missing or extra closing tags
  • Incorrect placing and nesting of tags
  • Incorrect or incompatible HTML based on a specific browser or HTML version (for example, notifies you of many Netscape specific or Internet Explorer specific tags, attributes, and attribute values)
  • Use of high ASCII characters in HTML documents

Benefits Of Using CSE HTML Validator

  • CSE HTML Validator helps you produce top quality websites. Remember, if a visitor has a problem with your site, the next site is only a click away. If you have a business website, CSE HTML Validator is a no-brainer; you'll quickly find it indispensable (and your customers will appreciate it too).
  • Even if you use a WYSIWYG editor, don't assume that it knows how to write correct HTML! The fact is that most of these programs generate very poor HTML. If you use a WYSIWYG editor, you should check the documents that it generates before you publish them on the web. You may be surprised at some of the things these programs will do. Don't take chances.
  • Save hours of time. The more HTML you write, the more time you will save. Don't waste time manually looking for problems, figuring out why your HTML doesn't display like it should, or using online checkers. Get CSE HTML Validator and check your HTML fast. Remember: Time is money. Wouldn't you rather be doing something more productive th
  • an manually checking your HTML?
  • You'll be able to prevent many viewing problems before they happen. You won't have to wait until one of your visitors tells you about it. How many people are leaving your web site because it's messed up on their screen or not compatible with their web browser? Too many if you aren't using CSE HTML Validator.
  • Are you learning HTML? CSE HTML Validator offers you incredible advice and points out your mistakes. There's no better tool to help you learn HTML than CSE HTML Validator.
  • Your HTML writing standards will be superior to the many HTML authors who still do not realize the importance of writing syntax error free HTML.
  • Don't look like an amateur: If anyone looks at your HTML, you'll have much more confidence in what they see. They'll know that you know what you're doing and that you care about giving a good impression with your website.
  • Do you still think that you don't need it? Do you think that you have a program that generates clean HTML? Give CSE HTML Validator a try for free. We bet you'll be surprised!

HTML Validator also includes tools that change HTML tags and attributes to uppercase or lowercase, a tool that strips HTML tags, a tool that converts different operating system text file formats to other text file formats, and a tool that lets you use templates in your documents. 

CSE HTML Validator's Template Tool:

CSE HTML Validator also includes a simple but powerful tool called the template tool that alone is worth more than the full price of CSE HTML Validator! The template tool is capable of saving an HTML author from spending a tremendous amount of time making the same changes to many HTML files. For example, using the template tool, an HTML header or footer can be changed on hundreds of documents in just minutes (or seconds)! This tool is so useful that we've made extensive use of it on virtually all of the pages on this site. It is even included in the lite version.

htmlchek 4.1; Download. Entnommen bei  

Perl source code for an HTML validator.

Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0; 1,2 MB; Download. Entnommen bei  

The Spyglass HTML Validator is a free tool that allows document authors to check their documents against an HTML markup specification.