Link/Katalog-Erstellen [1-2-3]

Add Link 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

AddLink is another free for all link program.

AUTO GIF 98.03; Download. Entnommen bei  

Create an AUTOGIF.HTM file containing links (reference) to all.GIF images in the current directory.

BAW Jumpwords 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

BAW Jumpwords is a DBM driven database of links that allows one to create a simple Free 4 All database of links, or in a much more powerful vein, to introduce the power of "virtual links" to your web. Runs on Perl 5.x systems.

Cata List 980423; Download. Entnommen bei  

CataList is a program that catalogues, or lists, GIF and JPEG files within any directory, (or as many directories as you like, one directory at a time).

Dexter FTP Indexer; 143 KB; Download. Entnommen bei  

Indexes ftp sites and prints to HTML file; multi-level.

dir2html 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

This will make HTML pages out of directories filled with pictures, both GIF and JPG.

Directory -2- HTML 2.1; Download. Entnommen bei  

Directory -2- Html will create an html file containing a listing of files in a directory you specify.

Dynamic Foldertree Navigation Menu Utility 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

This is a javascript utility that can be used to create elegant folder treenavigation menus for your website.

FavTo Html 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

FavToHtml is a utility that makes it really easy to create, from your Internet Explorer favorites, a page of links to add to your web site. 1.0; Download. Entnommen bei  

Perl script that creates a web page from an Internet Explorer favorites list.

Find 1; Download. Entnommen bei  

This is a small java applet to search an index file for keywords, and a perl script that searches for keywords and titles and makes the index file for your site.

Full Page Img 1.51; Download. Entnommen bei  

FullPageImg (formerly Img2Html) is a small utility for generating an html "wrapper" around an image file so it can be displayed full size.

GIF TAB 98.07; Download. Entnommen bei

Create an GIFTAB.HTM file containing links (reference) to all GIF and .JPG images in the current directory.

Goph2 html 0.3; Download. Entnommen bei  

Goph2html walks a gopher tree and produces a rough version of each file and menu in HTML.

Gt index 1.2; Download. Entnommen bei  

This script will create an HTML index of all the graphics specified on the command line.